Star Light, Star Bright..

Star Light, Star Bright..

The star shines upon us.

In every part of the world, people celebrate Christmas season in different way. The preparation of installing Christmas trees in and out of their house premises, even different establishments showcase their ornaments, wreath, garland, and other accessories.

       In Philippines, lanterns and lights can be seen in every streets, parks, houses, public or private buildings. Some Filipinos have the same taste in acquiring western style of Christmas motifs shaded in red, green, silver or gold.

     A distinct pride of Filipinos is the creation of star lantern, known as “parol”. The craft can be made of different kinds of raw materials, depending on creator’s style. Some Filipinos can create a lantern out of non-biodegradable products, such as tin can, plastic bottles, plastic cups and so forth.


       The old traditional way, the star framework is made of bamboo strips into pieces with approximately half inch in width; the length depends on the desire size. The structure pattern is created in star formation and knots with strings at the end of the sticks. Then put five pillars at the middle of the star, to withstand the separation of the identical star framework.  Afterwhich, it is covered with crepe papers or any materials desired by the maker.


       Some lanterns are made of sea shells called “kampis”, seen in Pampanga, Philippines. These types of shells were used in windows of traditional house during the time of Spanish era.        


     All best things in Christmas Eve, the Filipinos celebrate this special occasion with their family. The preparation of traditional delicacies served on the table, friends and relatives greet each other wholeheartedly. 

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